Percentage-based resize along with the fixed resolutions options

dobata shared this idea 10 years ago

SizeUp has this

This and off course the option to change the existing shortcuts and define a keystroke for those who still don't have one

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Percentages and or thirds (1/3, 2/3) would be great for how I use SizeWell.


These are definitely good suggestions and would be great features. I hope to be able to implement some stuff like this in the future... like totally flexible zoom options with custom shortcuts. But this sort of thing will need a reworking of the code as well as the interface, and would probably end up being a whole rewrite of the zooming functionality... so it will be longer until I get around to really rethinking how I want SizeWell's zooming features to function.

SizeWell started with very small intentions (just the resizing features were the goal) and the zooming functionality was intended to cover the most basic functions in a simple way, but because of users interest and suggestions, the set of zooming features have really grown, which is great... but if I am going to make it all more flexible, it needs to be rethought and rewrote, which again, takes time.

As for things that I can implement in the current state of SizeWell... thirds...

Horizontal and vertical thirds of the screen as well as two-thirds of the screen have been coded and will be in the next version with preset shortcuts. Thanks!

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