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jetblackrx89 shared this idea 10 years ago

Window resizing animations are a nice touch, but they tend to be a bit choppy on larger resolution displays, especially when fullscreening a window that starts off at a very small size. This might actually be a limitation of OS X's graphics card drivers, since I have noticed that other apps, like Panic Software's Transmit, suffer large performance hits when using any sort of "sliding resize" effect even on higher end machines.

Could there possibly be an option to disable resizing animations so that the behavior is an instantaneous "snap" into position, as seen in Beta 0.7 and earlier?


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Definitely. I will add a preference to turn off animated zooms in the next version.

If no major changes come up, I am hoping to release the minor update sometime next week.

Thanks so much for taking the time to post about the issue.


I have finally released SizeWell 0.8.1 beta, an option to turn of zoom animation has been aded to the advanced zooming preference (click the gear on the bottom right).



Marking this topic as implemented...

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