Option in Settings to Delete Files Immediately instead of asking in several dialogs

qwertzuiop777 shared this idea 10 years ago
In Progress

Can you add an option in the settings to DELETE FILES immediately if i choose to trash them and the CAN NOT BE TRASHED automatically?

The reason is: i have my files on my timecapsule an trash them when i delete something from itunes. Unfortunately TuneSpan can not trash from time capsule, it can only delete immediately. Therefore a setting to skip the confirmation dialogs would be great, since they are unnecesarry in my case.

That would be awesome!

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Thanks for the idea!

I can definitely add some kind of extra button or checkbox to not have to be prompted every time to delete files immediately. I can understand that could be annoying for your setup.

I'll add something to the alert itself and/or add the option in the TuneSpan Preferences.

I'll try to work this into the next minor update, but you know, I can't give any deadline on that at this point.


Perfect thanks! :)

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