Opening iTunes without a (TuneSpan) External Drive plugged in

Aeddon Plsek shared this question 5 years ago

If I have something spanned on an external drive using TuneSpan, then I open iTunes without the drive plugged in, what will happen?

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry about my delayed reply. Things have been hectic over the holidays.

When you launch iTunes without your external drive plugged in, basically everything will look the same in iTunes...

You'll still see all your tracks listed, but they won't be playable since the files will not be available. If you try to play them you'll get an alert from iTunes.

But also, iTunes may lose the album artwork when the external drive isn't available. To bring back the artwork after the drive is plugged in again you can use the "Refresh Album Artwork" tool thats in the "Tools for iTunes" submenu of the "File" menu in TuneSpan.

Also, I recommend relaunching iTunes after you plug in your external drive to be sure that iTunes check again to know which files are available.