Only the first file Spans all others fail

Nathan Faldet shared this problem 10 years ago

Having issues spanning my movies. I have 50+ movies I select my external HD I want them to go it goes into the spanning process but only the first movie will span and verify and the others say "Span location no longer existed at the time of span". Also, the HD will be the selected location and it tells me to select another spanning location so I have to right click the desired location found in 'media locations' and assign over and repeat the process that only allows the first file to span.

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Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like something weird is going on for sure.

You should not be getting the "Span Location no longer exists" error if the first file was able to span to that location successfully.

Are you spanning to some kind of Network drive? Could you possibly take some screenshots of what you are seeing in TuneSpan, as well as on the actual drive you are spanning to through the Finder? You can post the screenshots on here, or you can email them to me directly at "pico (at)" if you're more comfortable with that.

It sounds like there could be some kind of permissions issue on the external drive you are trying to span to. When TuneSpan tell you to select another spanning location, what exactly is the reason that TuneSpan is telling you?


I just sent an email with screen shots but I figured out what the problem was. When I re-selected my desired HD to span I allowed the program to create a spanned media folder next to the existing movie folder so after the first file spanned the folder was deleted not allowing any more to be transferred to the movie folder.

So all I did was manually select the span location to the Movies folder and not allow the program to create the spanned media folder. So as of now the movies are spanning as we speak. Ill let you know If I encounter any other problems. Thanks.


I was about to get back to you on the email when I saw this reply.

So... it sounds like you got something working, but I'm worried about the "Spanned Media" folder that TuneSpan created being deleted.

Do you know why or how this folder was being deleted? There is not code in TuneSpan during the span to delete any folders. During the verification TuneSpan will move original files and folders to the trash, but that would never apply to a "Spanned Media" folder. I do not believe TuneSpan could have been the one to outright delete the Spanned Media folder.


I dont think it is the program executing the command to delete but myself when I have to reassign my hard drive to span. A few menus pop up giving information about the spanned media file. I cant remember what it says exactly and I cant look because its still spanning. I will check everything over when its done. However, is there supposed to be a spanned media folder there always and is the movie folder supposed to be in it or beside it?


Let me know how it all turns out when the span is done.

As for the "Spanned Media" folder, there is no way that TuneSpan is really supposed to behave. But I wrote TuneSpan to encourage users to create a "Spanned Media" folder or some folder rather than spanning directly onto an external drive. I did this just because I figured it would be nicer to keep your media files consolidated to a particular folder, rather than having it mixed up with anything else you may be storing on the external drive.

By default TuneSpan creates media type folders at the selected Span Location, such as folders for "Music", "Movies", etc. But, the folder organization is somewhat customizable in the Advanced TuneSpan Preferences.

It appears you already have a "Movies" folder at the root of your external drive. Did TuneSpan create that folder, or did you? TuneSpan would have only created it if at some point you had set your external drive to be the span location with no "Spanned Media" subfolder selected or anything.

It sounds like you said this time you selected "Movies" on the external drive as the span location. Most likely TuneSpan will be creating another "Movies" folder within it since it creates media type folders by default, regardless of the span location.

Were other movie files already in that first "Movies" folder?

Anyway, I'm just thinking aloud. You may have that duplicate "Movies" folder issue after this span, but that's not a very serious issue, more cosmetic that anything, but we can work on that when the time comes.

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