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MrMojo shared this problem 10 years ago

When two users are logged-in on the same Mac only one person at a time can use NoteAway. The previous user must quit the app if the second user wants to use it. We are using fast user switching to move between accounts.

I haven't run into this problem with other apps. For example, NotesTab Pro can be used by more than one user.

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Thanks so much for getting in touch. I'm really sorry you ran into an issue using NoteAway.

I'm away from the computer, I'll have to look more into this issue later.

In the mean time, how exactly is it not working? Do you get an alert from OS X or something? Or does NoteAway freeze up?


I've just tested running NoteAway with fast user switching and I've seen the same behavior you describe.

OS X gives an alert that NoteAway can't be opened because someone else is using it.

This was a very simple thing to fix, and the next minor update to NoteAway will be able to run simultaneously for multiple users with fast user switching.

I've very sorry about this oversight. It will not be an issue soon.

I plan to submit NoteAway 1.0.1 sometime this week, and then it'll take a few days to get through review with Apple. I'm just giving it a bit of time for users to get in touch so I can incorporate all the quick fixes for small issues like this one.


Hi Pico. I didn't check the board for a couple of days but it sounds like you have the glitch covered. Keep in mind that 1.0 is shorthand for "there are likely to be a few bugs now that a whole bunch of people have got their hands on our new app."


Thanks for your understanding MrMojo, that's generally how it goes.

I'm happy to see that nothing too serious has come to light though :-)

But, I've been making improvements to NoteAway before 1.0 even got released, and now that it's out, I've been fixing a variety of small oversights and mistakes like this one.

1.0.1 will be a nice release with quite a handful of good improvements, but nothing to crazy, just a solid incremental update.

I hope that 1.0.1 will be out in the next week or two, but I generally try not to give deadlines in case something comes out and I need to keep working on this version.


NoteAway 1.1 is now available on the Mac App Store!

So sorry it's taken so long for this update to be released, but it turned into a big one, and I've very happy with it. I was planning on releasing a minor 1.0.1 update before, but you can see now that it snowballed into 1.1.

Anyway, in NoteAway 1.1, you can now have multiple instances running on separate accounts when using Fast User Switching.

Marking this as Solved, thanks so much for helping to make NoteAway better!

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