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Mike Eisenman shared this question 7 years ago

For NoteAway can you search for multiple tags with an "and" operator (i.e. Sales + Radio) with the result of only notes with tags with Sales and Radio will be shown?

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You can search for multiple tags in NoteAway...

To do so, you can first go into the Options submenu in the Tags menu and uncheck "Replace Search with Selected Tag". With that turned off, you can select multiple tags from the list to search for rather than just searching for one.

Then, in the search menu (click the little magnifying glass in the search field) there is another Options submenu which allows you to switch between searching for "All Terms" or "Any Terms". If you have All Terms selected, that would be an AND search, and Any Terms is an OR search.

Hope that helps, thanks for getting in touch :-)


NoteAway 1.1.5 is now available on the Mac App Store, and it features a whole new Tags selection interface where you can select multiple tags at once to search for :-)

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