NoteAway Additions or Improvements

David Beach shared this idea 3 years ago

NoteAway - excellent app

could export directly to pages or numbers?

could make formatting within lists hierarchical?

just two ideas don't know how viable or useful they might be to others.

can't wait for iOS app and love tunespan too.

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Thanks so much for getting in touch!

Not sure about exporting directly to Pages or Numbers. Pages may be possible as I don't think it's format is too different from rtfd, but Numbers may not be possible.

You could consider telling all rtfd files to open in Pages, that would be a start, but not a true solution.

As for hierarchical navigation, I'm cooking up some more interesting Tags browser that should kind of act like a folder layer, but I don't think I'm going to add true folders to the note list. There are a variety of reasons, but for one I think it would interfere with the easy and straightforward note creation process.

But, I'm also considering expanding Stars into a more comprehensive set of labels or categories with a built in sort order that would also help group notes, but not a true hierarchy or folders.

The iOS app could take a while, but I'm looking forward to having it myself too :-) I keep wanting to see my NoteAway notes on my phone. It's a constant reminder to get on it!

Glad to hear you're into TuneSpan too! Thanks!


Really hope to see an iOS version soon. Would like to see selective sync on notes to the cloud (don't sync notes with the "private" tag, or something like that.)


I have been very busy with other projects and life changes lately, so I can't say that NoteAway for iOS will be out anytime "soon" but I can say it will be out sometime in the future. I know that's not helpful, but it's the truth.

About selective syncing, that's a very clever idea. I'll think more about it. But, because of how NoteAway syncs, through iCloud or Dropbox, etc. I don't have that much control over what is synced. Basically NoteAway puts it's whole library in a folder, if that folder is the iCloud Mobile Documents folder, then it all syncs that way, if the library is in Dropbox, then it all syncs that way, and if the library is in some other local folder, then it doesn't sync.

To be able to selectively have some notes sync and others not would mean that the library would have to be separated into multiple folders. It's not technically impossible, but it does add a whole lot of complexity.

So, I'm not sure this is something that I'll work on anytime soon. But I'll keep it in mind. I have a small NoteAway update I need to get out the door but then any work on NoteAway should probably be on the iOS version rather than more new features.


I would buy a NoteAway iOS app in an instant.