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Moboho shared this question 7 years ago

I'm glad to have found this beautifully-designed app. Looks gorgeous, hats off to the developer(s).

My question is this:

How does one jump to/start at the SEARCH box without using a mouse? Is there a keyboard shortcut somewhere that I can't see that will open the popup NoteAway window and start in the SEARCH field as opposed to the empty text box to start a new note?

If not that would be an absolutely invaluable feature, to be able to search the notes with just a few keyboard shortcuts would be amazing.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.

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Thanks for getting in touch.

There is no way to open NoteAway with the search box focused first, but you can use the shortcut Shift+Command+F to focus the search box after you open NoteAway with the normal shortcut.

I hope that helps :-)


Thank you for letting me know. Is this something that is perhaps under consideration for future versions?

My notes are things that I constantly reference, and to be able to type a custom keyboard shortcut (to bring up the search field) and have my notes filtering the notes as I type in what I'm looking for would be absolutely amazing. I'm certain others would appreciate such functionality.

I don't know if you've ever used or seen 1Password. But the 1Password Mini app works like that and it's fantastic.

Many thanks for considering it for the future.


I'll continue to think about it for a future version :-)

But, I try to avoid making promises or giving deadlines on that sort of thing because who really knows the future :-P

I can see the value in such a shortcut though. I do use and love 1Password myself.


Great! Glad to hear you're familiar with the 1Password Mini app so you can the benefits something like that might have in NoteAway.

Thanks very much and good luck with any future development.

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