Not working on open apps after Lion login

roheylivne shared this problem 12 years ago

The plugin does not work after login on Finder, and any applications that auto-open in OS X Lion (the OS saves the apps' state). I need to quit and relaunch apps for it to work. Also the plugin does not work on TextEdit.

Using OS X Lion.

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Thanks so much for getting in touch about this issue. I am on Lion now and everything seems to be working properly for me.

For SizeWell to work with Finder and the other apps that auto launch on login, SizeWell's helper app called "SizeWell Loader" needs to be in the login items. Is it in your login items? You can check in your "Users & Groups" pane in the System Preferences in the "Login Items" tab for your user.

If it is in your login items, then I will need to look further into this bug. If it is not in your login items, then you will need to reinstall SizeWell Plugin in the SizeWell preference pane to get SizeWell to offer to add SizeWell Helper to the login items for you. If this is the case, simply toggle the enable/disable switch at the top of the preference pane, click the uninstall button that comes up, and then click the install button that appears after that. The last side down prompt is the one that asks if you want to add SizeWell Loader to your login items.

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

About TextEdit, you are right, SizeWell does not currently work with TextEdit in Lion, this is definitely something I will be looking into to fix.


Resolved the issue great thanks!


Awesome, thanks so much for letting me know the issue is resolved!

And thanks again for getting in touch about the issue, please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions or anything.

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