Not showing all files or drives.

Mark Reyes shared this problem 10 years ago

Just installed and only 1 of 3 drives are showing in locations and only a portion of my music / playlists are in Tunespan. Put Tunespan in the trash from the applications folder and reinstalled with the same results.

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Thanks for getting in touch. So sorry you're having an issue with TuneSpan.

About the locations browser showing your drives... only the drives that have iTunes Media on them should be shown there, it is not a full file browser. Are you not seeing drive that you know already have iTunes media files in them?

About playlists... TuneSpan has a different filtering setup than iTunes. If you have playlist that only has movies in it, then that playlist will only be seen when you are viewing the Movies media type (in the top middle of the window). It a bit different how TuneSpan separates the Media Types and Playlists so they can be combined to filter what you are viewing in the tracks browser.

But, it sounds like that may not be the issue. It may be the TuneSpan is not loading the correct, most current XML iTunes Library file.

Have you ever relocated your iTunes Library? Could TuneSpan be loading an older version of the library that was left in the original default iTunes Library location?

If that is the case, you can hold the Option key while you load TuneSpan to choose the correct iTunes Library location, and that should load your latest library information.

But, there may be some other issue going on. Let me know what you are seeing and we can try to figure this out.

You can email me directly at "pico (at)" and send me some comparative screenshots if that could help.


Yeah just had a different library opened. Thanks for the quick reply.


Great! I'm glad it was simple and that you got it worked out.

I've been hard at work on a big TuneSoan update. One of the more minor changes will the that TuneSpan will do a better job of loading the same library as iTunes from the same location, on first run. But, once you've set your correct library location in TuneSpan, that change won't affect you. But there will be other nice improvement in this next update. I hope for it to be out early next year.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch again if you have any questions or run into any other issues.

Thanks for using TuneSpan!


Hi Pico,

I just installed TuneSpan and it works just fine. I connected two external drives to my MacBook Pro. But they are not shown in the "media locations", although they contain iTunes and music, films, etc...

This is the situation:

External drive 1:

Connected to my MacBook, used normally to start with Mac OSX 10.7 and iTunes (> 33.000 songs), used mainly for synchronizing my iPhone

External drive 2:

Mac OSX 10.7 and iTunes, used as alternative MacBook (Backup) by family members

MacBook Pro:

Mac OSX 10.8.2, iTunes 11.0.1, I planned to use spanned files with iTunes on this this device

That's why I want to span music files from external drive 1 (to external drive 2) and onto my MacBook.

But only my MacBook Pro HD is shown in the "media locations" area.

When starting with Mac OSX on external drive 1, TuneSpan shows only this external drive, but not the other drives and so on ...

So, I cannot span files across external drives or other connected MacBook HDs?

Thanks for helping ..

... best regards,



Media Locations just shows you the drives that your (selected) iTunes library is using. To change the library just go File > Change Library

On the bottom of TuneSpan you'll see "Drag Media Here to Select for Spanning" and under that on the left you can choose your span locations.

That's part of the mistake I made in this post, I assumed you were supposed to drag to Media Locations to span.

However, I don't work with multiple libraries and what you're doing sounds like it might get complicated, so I guess that's where Pico can chime in..


Thanks for getting in touch, sorry TuneSpan isn't totally intuitive for you.

Marks answer below is correct, thank you Mark for jumping in.

But yea, to clarify how TuneSpan works, it does not "manage" multiple libraries. You can load multiple libraries in TuneSpan, but they are not aware of each other. TuneSpan is made to work with a single library and allows you to move media around to various locations in that single library.

It sounds like you have a complex setup with multiple iTunes Libraries and multiple installations of OS X, this is just out of the scope of what TuneSpan was made to handle.

You can use TuneSpan to span media across multiple hard drives, but not between different iTunes Libraries as you are talking about.

I believe this app, PowerTunes (, and others like it may be more suited for what you're looking for. PowerTunes is made to handle managing multiple iTunes Libraries and has features to merge libraries and move media between them. But, I'm not too familiar with PowerTunes in use, I would recommend reading their documentation and getting in touch with those developers if you have any other questions.

Sorry that it doesn't seem that TuneSpan is exactly what you're looking for to manage your multiple iTunes Libraries.

If you purchased TuneSpan on the Mac App Store and will not be needing it because it can't do what you wanted, you can get in touch with Apple for a refund, but I can't do that for you myself.

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