no Fn key — it is not an appropriate modifier

Graham Perrin shared this problem 12 years ago
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Where keyboards have no Fn key, if you deselect

[ ] Open "SizeWell Zoom Options" menu instead of doing standard zoom behaviour

— then it is impossible to use the shortcut for SizeWell zoom options.

Please set, or allow, a modifier key that is more commonly available.

Thank you.

Cross reference:

> standard zoom must have an ergonomic keyboard shortcut

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I have replied to the cross referenced post as well, but I will just say in this one... I have an update coming out very soon where will be able to override the default zoom behavior instead of opening the SizeWell Zoom Options menu when the zoom button is clicked. If the SizeWell Zoom Options menu is not the default zoom behavior you will be able to hold Fn while clicking the zoom button OR right-click the zoom button to open the SizeWell Zoom Options menu.

I believe this update will address all of your issues. Thanks so much for your suggestions and for using SizeWell!


Right-click works as expected. Thanks!

(Some users will be unable to right-click, but that's a separate issue — not a priority.)

Keep up the great work ...


Marking this topic as not a problem since Fn is not required, just extra...

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