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Michael shared this question 10 years ago

All my TV Shows are spanned on an external USB drive. The cover arts in iTunes won't be displayed :-( With "cmd" + "i" on a marked tv show the cover will be displayed. But this is not suitable to this on all the tv shows. What can I do to display all covers? Thanks Michael

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Thank you for reporting this issue. I was not aware of it. I just saw this as well in iTunes 10, but the thumbnail seems to show up after playing the show.

At the moment this issue will need to classified as a "known issue" as I will need to do further research to track down the cause.

I imagine that iTunes reads the file to pull a thumbnail from it. The issue could be that iTunes is trying to load the thumbnail before TuneSpan Helper has created all the necessary symbolic links for the TV Shows, or just that iTunes chooses to not follow the symbolic link to get the thumbnail.

At the moment I am preparing 0.9.3 for release, so this issue will not be address in this update.


TuneSpan 0.9.5 has just been released with an all new spanning process.

This new spanning process can fully span all tracks and I believe that should allow iTunes to load all the covers for your TV Shows after the tracks have been updated.

TuneSpan will offer to update all of your dependent tracks on launch.

Check it out at


Marking this question as Answered.

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