New Tunespan set-up

Chris Craven shared this question 7 years ago

I currently only have music in my iTunes Library. All my movies are on external drives. I want to get Tunespan and wonder iof it is easy to link movies already on the external drive through iTunes.?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

You can actually add files to iTunes without having them copied to the default iTunes Media folder in iTunes itself.

All you need to do is temporarily turn off the Advanced iTunes Preferences setting, "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library".

So, you can uncheck that setting, drag in your movies on the external, and then recheck it for normal usage.

But there is also a shortcut. With that setting left on, you can hold the Option key while dragging any files in to invert that setting for the drag. Of you leave that setting off, holding Option during a drag will turn it on.

TuneSpan comes in handy when you want to move files around that are already in your library, iTunes can't do that on it's own very well at all.