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Hugh Jorgen shared this question 8 years ago

I have successfully spanned all movies and TV shows into the spanned media folder on my ext HD (it was already on there, just needed to span it).

After all said and done, I have checked the box "copy files to media folder when adding to library". Now when I add a movie into itunes library, it copies the movie into itunes media folder on internal HD. Do I have to fire up tune-span every time to span a movie to my spanned media on ext HD?

Before tune-span, I would DL a movie onto ext HD and manually add to iTunes library, which was one step. Seems redundant to DL a movie to anywhere, fire up tune span and have it copy to ext HD.

Am I missing something?

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Thanks for getting in touch, you are not missing anything.

That is how TuneSpan behaves. TuneSpan doesn't alter any iTunes behavior, so when you add new media, it will be added to the default iTunes Media folder.

If you want it somewhere else, you will need to launch TuneSpan to move it.

But, if the space of a few movies is not an issue, you don't need to launch TuneSpan and move it right away, you could run TuneSpan ever few weeks or every month as stuff accumulates and just do one span of multiple movies.

In the future, TuneSpan will have some sort of "Automatic Spanning", but it won't be all that much different, just more automated. New media will still be added to your default iTunes Media folder, but when you launch TuneSpan it would prompt you to span stuff based on criteria that you set. You wouldn't need to make the selection and choose the location, you'd just have to launch TuneSpan and tell it to go. But, that's not in TuneSpan yet, and I can't give a deadline on when exactly it will be done.

I hope that's not too much of an inconvenience for you. After using TuneSpan, you can still add stuff manually from any location, or you can change your iTunes Media folder to you external drive so new media gets added there automatically, but that would apply to all media, not just movies.


Thanks for the clarification.

Since I keep my large music collection on the local drive and therefore need to keep my media folder on the local drive, and have an even larger collection of movies on an external drive, I was actually better off maintaining the iTunes library manually as before TuneSpan. TuneSpan does what I manually did.

Personally I feel like I have wasted my money on this app cuz it's not what I perceived it to be. Oh well, my bad and lesson learned.

Guess I will wait to see this app develop and may be more handy for me in the future.


TuneSpan for my use, not beneficial.


I understand that, sorry TuneSpan can't help you with what you're looking for. But, I don't believe there is any app that can alter the behavior of iTunes. For what you're looking for there would have to be a change in how media is added to iTunes and what iTunes does internally when that media is added. TuneSpan and any other app can only do stuff after the fact.

It's true that if you're willing to and know how to add your media manually from any location that TuneSpan isn't hugely beneficial over that manual approach. TuneSpan's functionality is more useful when reorganizing media that is already added to iTunes. Since you started out manually adding stuff, you're set. If you ever change your mind and want to move this or that back to the internal or move other stuff to the external, that is where TuneSpan can be invaluable. It offers much more flexibility than the manual approach. But, it's not something that everyone needs.

If you want a refund for TuneSpan, I know you can get in touch with Apple for that. I'm sorry I can't do the refund myself, Apple handles all the money.

Looks like you just have to contact Apple Support for a refund:


I don't feel I am due a refund as I should have researched this app and its functionality better before purchasing. I will continue to use this app and watch it develop. Thanks for the support and responses to my questions though.

Continued success with your ventures as developer.

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