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Alexander Ganser shared this question 10 years ago

I want to export my music files to a nas location. How do i get the musicfolder on my nas to the media locations?

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The "Media Location" list on the right is only a listing of locations which currently have media in them in your iTunes Library.

To select a new location to span to, you must select in the in the "Span Location" view in the bottom middle of the interface which says "click here or drop folder to select span location". I'm sorry that's not more clear. I am working on a minor update and I've attempted to make that area a bit more noticeable.

So, click there and choose "Select New Span Location..." to locate your desired span location through and open dialog, or drag from the finder directly onto that area to choose your span location.

Thanks for getting in touch and for using TuneSpan!

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