Moving library from macbook to macmini?

dannymacauley shared this question 7 years ago

I've just bought a Mac mini to act as a 'media centre', up until now I've been using a Macbook for my itunes library with all video files tunespanned to a 2tb external drive. A damn fine job it has been doing too.

I need to move the tunespanned files from a 2tb to a 3tb external (as i'm running out of room!). But I also need to migrate my itunes library from the macbook to the mac mini. Ideally i'd also like to keep the play counts, ratings etc.

I'm really quite rubbish at working computers so would appreciate some guidance on in what order and how to pull this off with out making a hash of it as usual! Any help is appreciated :) Thanks

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Thanks so much for getting in touch and for using TuneSpan!

Moving your spanned files from the 2TB to the 3TB drive is simple, and would be most easily done first before worrying about migrating to the Mac mini.

To move the files from the 2TB to the 3TB, you just need to span them through TuneSpan just like you did the first time onto the 2TB. Select the tracks you want to span in TuneSpan and then set the 3TB to be the Span Location.

TuneSpan will copy them from the 2TB to the 3TB just as it copied them from your internal to the 2TB the first time, and update the locations to the new location all the same.

If you have TONS of files to span, I would recommend going in a few sets rather than all at once as to not tax the drives or the computer too much all in one go. The spanning process can take a lot of resources when moving lots and lots of files at once, it of course depends on your computer stats, but anyway I would suggest doing 3 or 4 span sets depending on how much media you have to move.

After you've got your media onto the 3TB, we can talk about how to migrate from the MacBook to the Mac mini :-)