Moving iTunes library and files... and retain the existing span setup

Andrew Rutter shared this question 10 years ago

I want to move my iTunes library to a new Mac. All my TV programs are already spanned to an external drive, everything else remains on my old mac internal drive.

How do I move my iTunes library and files to a new mac and leave the TV stuff on the external drive - in other words I just want to change mac, and leave the setup alone.

Thank you

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I have the same question. need answer by TONIGHT so I can DJ with new machine ... Great program! My iTunes Library is a mess, files all over the place. I am using Tunespan to consolidate everything to an external hard drive. NOW, today I get a new Macbook, how can I transfer the library to the new machine and retain the playlists? I plan to keep the files the external hard drive, just transfer to new machine


Sorry I didn't get back sooner, haven't been feeling great today. And, I'm about to run out the door now to do some errands.

Real quickly...

Move your iTunes Library as you normally would. Essentially, move the whole "iTunes" folder with your default media folder and library files to the same relative path on the new computer. If its in the default location it would be in your home folder (~/Music/iTunes), move the whole "iTunes" folder.

After that's copied to the new computer, the relative paths will be the same, so you can load up that library in iTunes and it will know where all the media is. And it will still be looking for the media on your external drives in their same places as well. So, you will need to just plug in your external drives and they should be playable.

That is just the normal way to transfer your iTunes Library to a new computer, even if you weren't using TuneSpan.

To have TuneSpan be in the same state on the new computer... you need to copy over its support files.

If you are on Lion on greater, all of the TuneSpan support files (span database, preferences) are stored in one container folder.

First, open you user Library folder... in Lion and greater, this folder is now hidden. Open the Go menu in Finder and hold the Option key. You will see the Library option appear, select it to open your user Library folder.

In your Library folder, locate the Containers folder and open in. In the Containers folder, find the folder called "com.randomapplications.TuneSpan" this is TuneSpan Sandboxed container. Copy that folder to the same relative location on the new computer and then when you launch TuneSpan, it should have all your prefs remembered and all the tracks that have been spanned and restored should be properly marked.

If your old computer is running 10.6 (even if the new computer is on 10.7 or greater), you will need to move the application support and preferences separately. The application support folder is at "~/Library/Application Support/TuneSpan/", move that whole folder to the same relative path on the new computer. And the preferences file is at "~/Library/Preferences/com.randomapplications.TuneSpan.plist", move that file to the same relative path on the new computer. Then when you launch TuneSpan for the first time, those files will be used, but they will be automatically migrated into the new Container setup.

Alright, that was the super fast explanation, please excuse any typos. If any of that doesn't make sense, please ask questions and I can give more detailed information later. Please make sure you always have backups when doing this stuff and do not try to go about doing something you do not fully understand before you start the process.

Thanks so much for using TuneSpan! Sorry I have to run out the door right now.

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