Move iTunes library to NAS after tracks have already been spanned to NAS

Derek Van Ittersum shared this question 8 years ago
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I have already spanned all of my tracks to my NAS. I would now like to move the entire iTunes library to the NAS (i.e., move the whole folder over). How can I do this with TuneSpan? Will I need to "restore" all of the spanned tracks back to the Mac first? I would like to avoid this, as I don't think I'll have enough room ...

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Thanks for getting in touch. But, this is not exactly what TuneSpan was made to help with... especially if you want to move your iTunes Library files as well (which has its own issues).

TuneSpan is more for allowing your to move your media more flexibly... to have some here and some there and change it over time easily. If you want all your media in one place, you don't need TuneSpan for that.

I'd recommend just following some instructions online for how to move all your media, or if you want to move your library files as well, make sure to find some instructions that include that as it's another layer of complexity.

Apple has some info about this kind of thing on their support pages, and there are many other discussions in forums and tutorials from other sites. I'm not attaching any links here since it all depends on your current setup and desires.


Hi, I think I wasn't clear enough.

I have been using your application for years and have enjoyed it. I kept all my music on an external drive and other iTunes files on my mac and was happy with this arrangement.

However, now I have a NAS. I spanned my media there, but then thought I would like to move my whole iTunes library there.

My question is: do I need to span my media back to my Mac or can I do some other procedure to move my entire iTunes library to the NAS (where the media already is)? I am concerned that my media will not actually fit on my Mac now, so I don't know how to stop using TuneSpan to manage my media now ...

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