More than one Music folder - some duplicates.

Chip shared this question 8 years ago

Under iTunes/Media, I have the Music folder. Within that, lots of music. However, I have found another Music folder that is not under Media. Some of them are duplicates of the other Music folder contents. Can Tunespan help with this? It seems that when I do a Span with Tunespan, it creates yet another Music folder.

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Yea, TuneSpan can help.

If you locate these tracks that are in "~/Music/Music" and span them to "~/Music/iTunes 1/iTunes Media" they will be consolidated into the "Music" folder within "iTunes Media".

To see the tracks that are in any specific folder to select them for spanning, you can use TuneSpan's Media Location browser on the right side of the TuneSpan interface.

I am not sure where you are spanning media from and to, but just make sure to select the correct "Span Location" folder. Being aware that, by default, TuneSpan will create media type sub-folder, just like iTunes does. But TuneSpan's folder organization can be customized in the Advanced TuneSpan Preferences if you see fit, but I don't think a custom organization is what you're looking for in this case.


Thanks for the reply.

OK, I have re-scanned.

Now, what I have is my music in one place....except, within the scanned Music folder, there is a sub-folder, and within that sub-folder is a lot of other music.

It would take me a long time to check that the music in the sub-folder is not already in the main music folder.

What I want to do is somehow merge the music of the sub-folder with the music in the main music folder.


I'm sorry, I don't really understand...

It sounds like you are describing the standard folder organization...

iTunes puts things in sub-folders for media types, then artist, then album, and then the files are within the album folder.

Is there really an issue here?

Some screenshots may help me understand what is going on here.


I am referring to the iTunes Music media folder.

The issue is whether Tunespan looks in every folder and sub-folder for duplicates.


No, TuneSpan doesn't do any hunting for duplicates.

If a file happens to exist in the exact location it is about to move a file to, if it is the same file, it will be used instead of copying the file.

But, TuneSpan will not ever try to find duplicates in arbitrary locations.

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