more than 3000 audiobook-tracks too much for Tunespan?

Ulf1966 shared this question 13 years ago

Hi, i used Tunespan to move about 25 gb audiobooks in 3362 files.

During the move Tunespan crashes at about 33% of work to do.

After restarting Tunespan it went on with re-linking and crashes again and again, nearly at the same percenage of progress.

Any idea, what the reason could be for this fault?

Greetings from Hamburg,Germany

Ulf Heinemann

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I am very glad to see this happen after crash recovery was implemented and not before! But, I am sorry this is happening at all.

This is a serious issue that I want to help resolve quickly.

Right off the bat, I am not sure what it would be, it should not crash just because of the amount of files, I have successfully spanned 50+GB multiple times.

Since it is happening at about the same percentage, that leads me to believe it is something that can be reproduced, and fixed.

Could you send me the crash report?

Or anything from the console after the crash occurred?

I could throw out some speculation, but I will need to actual crash report to dig down any further. Looking forward to hearing back, I will be checking this thread very regularly for your replies. If you want to contact me personally email me at pico[at]


After communicating via email, we have figured out and resolved this issue. The bug has been fixed and will be released soon in version

The bug that caused the crash was a case where an artist, album, name etc (something used for the path, in this specific case, it was album artist) consisted of entirely spaces, and no other characters. So, the case has been caught in the code and this bug has been fixed.

Thank you so much to Ulf for his understanding and help in fixing this bug.


To answer the actual question: TuneSpan should be able to handle any large number of tracks, this bug was not connected the amount of tracks spanned.

I have spanned roughly 10,000 tracks (~55GB) at once... multiple times.


Marking this question as Answered.


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