Made a mess of a new Mac and Tunespan

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Seems I've made a right mess of this. Helping GF with a new Mac. She already has a TS external drive with the necessary iTunes and sub folders.

Copied the old iTunes folder from old Mac to new one. iTunes on new Mac picks up everything fine. Plugged in the TS drive with the new Mac an expected it to just recognise as the spanned media location. Wrong. Faffed about with a few clicks and though I'd got it sorted. Seems not.

I imported a few dozen more movies and TV series and spanned them. All the movies and all the TV series now (appear to be) in the corrrect iTunes folders on the spanned drive. Open TS however and it seems really confused as to what's where! ALL the movies are in the Movies folder on the TS drive yet it tells me that 56 are spanned and 67 have been restored! They haven't been though. They are all in the same Movies folder when I look at the Drive in Finder. Looks like somehow TS thinks that the iTunes Movies folder and the Spanned folder are both on the TS drive.

Same with the TV series. But not worth repeating all again.

I'm tempted to drag the whole lot back to desktop, wipe the external drive, import the movies to iTunes and start again. But surely there's a simpler way to just tell it 'Hey, they're all here and they're all spanned OK'.

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Well, it happens to the best of us :-) Glad you got in touch so we can sort this out.

But, I think I'll need some screenshots to understand exactly what's going on now with the current state of things. Would you mind sending over some relevant screenshots of these issues your seeing?

You can post them here, but if you don't want them public, you can email me with a Contact Developer link in TuneSpan (in the Help menu or About window).

Once I understand how things are, and how they are supposed to be, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to help you get it situated more easily than wiping everything and starting fresh again.


Sorry about the delay. I did reply by email but not sure if that got through the we got busy travelling so kinda forgot about this. Anyways, here's what I wrote in the mail:

Well looks like I sorted it. To be honest I wasn't sure the best way to re-associate a new Mac with the original TS drive. I thought I read somewhere that just copying the iTunes folder to Music would do it. But it didn't. When I plugged in the new drive it popped up as a new drive / location. Not seemingly something that Tunespan knew about.

After that things got real messy. I used Locate Files. It seemed to find them but I don't know what it did. Then I tried to span some newly imported movies and it then told me to select a span location. So I told it iTunes on the drive. It then said should not span to previously spanned drives. Well. I ended up with 123 movies all in Movies all in iTunes on the same drive but it said 57 were spanned and 66 weren't.

In the end I gave up and just created a new span folder on the same drive. Spanned iTunes or whatever. Then I selected all movies and told it to span to that folder. All 123 movies were then moved and Tunespan then recognised them as all spanned. iTunes also played them fine.

Is there a help section with what to do with a new computer on the faq / knowledge base. I couldn't see one. It would help I think.

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