MacOS 10.13

somwicked shared this question 4 years ago

Running 10.13 pb9. Tunespan cannot open media locations to span files.

Tried to regrant permissions (File Access > Allow Access) and it shows all locations as read: no, write: no. Previously worked. No errors or messages when granting access.

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I take that back about no messages. Just tried to grant access to locations again and receive the message that "the file location could not be opened".


I haven't encountered an issue like this in my 10.13 testing.

Sounds like it may just be a fluke... does the same thing happen after restarting?


Very weird. Apparently something was slightly off kilter on this end. I've rebooted a few times since testing and having the issue w/o change. Rebooted again, and like magic, she's working again.

Guess I have something to dig into because obviously something is/was off and its not TuneSpan.


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