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Wil TuneSpan functionality be impacted by iTunes going away in mac OS Catalina?

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So sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

The simple answer is, yes. As of right now, it appears that TuneSpan will not be compatible with the new Music and TV apps on macOS 10.15 Catalina. But, things could still change before the final released. As of the latest beta 7, things are still not looking good.

Some functionality would technically be possible since both of these new apps still support AppleScript to be able to update file locations. Although, neither of these new apps support creating readable XML Library files for TuneSpan to read the contents of their respective libraries. Without this functionality, as well as needing to support two entirely separate libraries (for both the Music and TV apps), it would require rethinking some parts of how TuneSpan works to the point of it not making sense to be able to even use the existing TuneSpan as a basis. It would be possible to read entire library contents via AppleScript (or ITLibrary framework) without a readable XML Library being available, but loading would be much slower and both of these options do not have as much complete data as the XML did. Also, neither of these options supply the last known location for tracks that are not currently available, which is important for the locations display in TuneSpan. So far, I've just been waiting to see what the final behavior of these new apps are going to be like rather than trying to wrestle with the betas.

Long story short, something like TuneSpan could be possible on macOS Catalina, but it would be a major re-working of how TuneSpan currently works. It feels like it would make more sense to create a whole new app rather than try to jam this compatibility into the existing TuneSpan code. And, to that end, I cannot guarantee that this is something that I am going to be able to do at any point in the future. But, who knows. I'm sorry I can't give any better news at this point.