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Ralph Creighton shared this question 7 years ago
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I have just purchased and installed Tunespan on my iMac. I also would like to use it on my MBP. Do i need to buy a second license?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

All apps purchased through the Mac App Store are tied to your account and can only be purchased once on each account.

So, as long as you are the user, you can install it on as many systems as you please.

Basically, the license is tied to users, not systems :-)


Thanks Pico. I have multiple external drives (45 TB) and I'm looking forward to having Tunespan help me organize everything in on iTunes library. One quick question. My external drives are already organized using the iTunes folder structure. Do I need to copy them to the internal drive ITunes library just so TunesSpan can do it's thing and then copy them back or am I able to skip this step and have Tunespan create the pointers it needs by reading the files on the external drives? Thanks.


TuneSpan can move files from any location to any location. They don't need to start in the iTunes Media folder.

So, as long as the tracks are in iTunes, it doesn't matter where the files are for TuneSpan to be able to move them.


Actually, it sounds like your files are not currently in iTunes. Is that the case?

If so, it is possible to add your files into your iTunes Library without having to copy the files to your internal drive.

To do this, go into the Advanced iTunes Preferences and uncheck the "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" option and click OK to save the preferences.

Then, you can drag your external media files into your iTunes Library and the files will be referenced from their current location.

After that import is done, you can turn back on that "Copy files" option in the Advanced iTunes Preferences for normal usage.

Now that all your media is listed in iTunes, you'll be able to use TuneSpan to move the media files around as you please.

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