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Gerald Zimmerman shared this question 7 years ago


Thanks for the great product. I wanted to ask a question that I could not find in the support pages or the forum - namely, I had to move the NAS where all my data was to a new shared location. The file structure, and all the files have been moved without being disturbed. However, as one would expect, TuneSpan no longer can see these files. Is there a method to do a bulk update to the new location? Thanks for looking, GZ

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Thanks for getting in touch.

All you should need to do to make sure TuneSpan and iTunes know the new location is to select the appropriate Span Location on the new drive, select all the tracks whose files are on that drive, and click Span.

That should update the location in iTunes and the TuneSpan database to properly point to the new drive.

This is assuming that the files on the new drive are still in the exact same folder structure and such under the Span Location folder.