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Willow Whiting shared this idea 8 years ago

it would be great if there was a way I can use TuneSpan to use as a backup for the spanned location. Example: I have one external hard drive tied to iTunes but then that hard drive crashes and I've lost all of my stuff. If there was an EASY way to use TuneSpan to backup the info on first external hard drive to another external hard drive, then this would be easy to move beyond a broken hard drive very easy.

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Thanks for getting in touch.

This is actually something that I've thought about in the past, it's just not a super high priority compared to the other stuff that I've been working on, such as the automation and AppleScript features that were released in the last version.

But, I do still think a Backup (basically just a normal file copy with no location update or trashing of original files) mode could be useful for many situations.

Part of the hold up is that I think it could confuse some users, and depending on how I present the option, may clutter up the interface for a feature that not too many people will use regularly.

Also, if I add some basic manual backup process, people may expect an automated background backup process which is not something that I think I would want to add to TuneSpan. I want to keep TuneSpan's scope pretty narrow to try to have it do it's one job as well as it can without adding too much extra clutter and tangent features.

So, I'll say that this is a feature that I'll continue to think about, but not something that I can guarantee will be added to TuneSpan.

But, you can use Time Machine to backup your external drives (as long as your not spanning to your backup disk). In the Time Machine preferences (in the System Preferences) you'll see an "Options..." button in the bottom right. Click that and you'll see an EXCLUSION list, you need to make sure that your external drive that you're spanning to is NOT in that list and then Time Machine will back up those files just as it backs up everything else on your system.

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