iTunes not renaming folders after span

Stephen M. shared this problem 9 years ago


I spanned my iTunes music files to my NAS, but now iTunes is not updating the folder name on the NAS when I change the album name within the iTunes playlist.

The 'Keep iTunes media folder organised' is ticked. I notice that the iTunes media folder is still the old one on my local drive.

How do I change this behaviour so iTunes will update the folder names?


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Thanks for getting in touch!

It is the behavior of iTunes to NOT update folder and file names for stuff that's not located in the default iTunes Media folder. When you span tracks with TuneSpan, it is moving them out of the default iTunes Media folder, so this becomes an issue after using TuneSpan, but it is not exactly "because" of TuneSpan.

TuneSpan is designed to not update your default iTunes Media folder intentionally, allowing you to use TuneSpan to move media wherever you choose, but still have new media added to your default media folder, most likely on your internal drive. I find this ideal for my usage on a laptop, I like to have and keep new stuff on my internal drive.

But, I can see how that may not be ideal for everyone. If you want to update your iTunes Media folder to be the location that you spanned your media to, you can do that. Simply use the Advanced iTunes Preferences to change the default iTunes Media folder. Once you update the default iTunes Media folder, iTunes will prompt you about reorganizing the files and should keep them organized from then on.

Of course, there are side affects to updating your iTunes Media folder, any new media you add will be added to that location. That may be what you want, but it may not be depending on your usage.

In the future, I plan to add some sort of solution to have TuneSpan itself update the folder organization when it is launched after things change. Since TuneSpan will not be running all the time, it will not be an "ideal" solution, but it will give users a way to keep their folders organized as metadata changes without having to update their iTunes Media folder. But, at this point, I can't offer a solution like that.

I can't give a deadline on when this feature will be added to TuneSpan, but it has been on my mind. It is not a super technically difficult thing to implement, but to do it properly, I want to rework some behaviors in the spanning process. Of course, when tweaking spanning code, I need to be very careful and take my time in testing to make sure I don't mess anything up that is already working.

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