iTunes Music Library or iTunes Library?

Dan Slevin shared this problem 11 years ago

TuneSpan won't launch for me. It wants a file called iTunes Music Library.xml and I have a file called iTunes Library.xml (just created after a fresh install). There doesn't seem to be anywhere to change the name. It's the same file, right?

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Sorry for my delayed response, I have been very busy this past week.

I am running version 9.1.1 of iTunes and just now created a fresh library to see if this is in fact a change in the newest version of iTunes.

The library files that were initially created for me were:

- iTunes Library (no file extension, this is the main encoded binary library file, TuneSpan does not read this)

- iTunes Library Extras.itdb (TuneSpan does not read this)

- iTunes Library Genius.itdb (TuneSpan does not read this)

- iTunes Music Library.xml (This is the one TuneSpan reads, still named the same)

So I am not seeing the same issue you are, but that is not to say it isn't a real change. But, I would like to figure out what is different between your setup and mine so that I can understand and fix the issue to release an update for it.

What version of OS X are you running?

What version of iTunes are you running?

The XML iTunes library is a read-only file for 3rd party applications, if you delete it, it will be recreated automatically if you simply launch and quit iTunes.

I would be curious to see if it recreated with the same name. I am not comfortable suggesting deleting any file when I am not there to investigate with you, so you can simply move it from its original location to the desktop to get iTunes to recreate it after a launch and quit.

Please get back to me with more information after you try this.

If you would like to send me your XML library file, or a screenshot of the contents of your iTunes folder, feel free to email me directly at "pico [at]"


Turns out I was using a Music folder that wasn't "blessed" correctly by the OS. As you were. TuneSpan now working superbly well for me. Thanks.


Glad to hear it's working properly, thanks for letting me know.


TuneSpan 0.9.5 beta has just been released and will not detect and load either "iTunes Music Library.xml" or "iTunes Library.xml"

If both exist in "~/Music/iTunes" then TuneSpan will load whichever one is newer.

Check it out at


TuneSpan 0.9.6 beta has just been released which (finally) brings support for iTunes Libraries in any location, as well as support for loading and keeping track of multiple iTunes Libraries.

So, this issue is now completely solved no matter where a users iTunes Library is or what their XML file is called.

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