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Steve Pollock shared this question 12 years ago

I have had to create a 2nd library in order to use iTunes Match (my complete collection is way too large). Consequently, my iTunes media is a mess, with many duplicates & many existing files listed as "missing".

Can TuneSpan help me?

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I'm not really sure.

Are you just trying to deal with the duplicates? Or try to migrate to one drive?

I'm not sure how you split the library in the first place, but maybe something like PowerTunes ( would be more what you are looking for.

With PowerTunes you can create multiple library files and drag media between the libraries or merge them, I believe.

TuneSpan is really made for having one single library with media in multiple locations. But, some features of the TuneSpan interface may be a benefit for you. There is a location browse so you can see where everything is, visually, to see what is and isn't found. Select a location to only browse the tracks in that location and reveal the tracks in iTunes easily. Check out the free beta on below the Available on the App Store badge, click to show the download link.

But, I'm sorry it doesn't really sound like TuneSpan, by itself, could situate everything for you.


I was using Tunespan to use my external drive for all my storing. Now I have switched to iTunes match but the problem is everytime I want to listen to a song on my computer it re-downloads it to the selected drive (so I have 2 of everything if I do this).

Can tunespan help with this? It worked great before ???


Hmmm, my iTunes Match does not behave like this. Did you delete the tracks from iTunes after spanning them?

Even when iTunes Match is on the media on my external drive is not available to play in iTunes. I can only access it on Match after I delete the track listing.


I've had great results using Dupin; it's worked flawlessly, ridding iTunes of the pesky dupes that seem to appear when you least expect it.

Once I've gotten a full grasp of TuneSpan's functions (still waiting for a decent manual to be released), I'll always run Dupin prior to redesigning my iTunes library to an external drive.

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