iTunes freezes on opening after installing TuneSpan

Pat shared this problem 9 years ago

I have installed TuneSpan on my iMac and had TuneSpan transfer my iTunes library to a remote hard drive on my local area network. Now when I open iTunes it freezes and I have to force quit it every time. What can I do to fix this.

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I'm so sorry you're experiencing issues after using TuneSpan. Thank you for getting in touch.

I am not sure the exact cause of this, but it seems like it's got to be some issue of lag. How long have you waited before force quitting iTunes?

Depending on how a process is run within an application, it could appear totally frozen, but be actively working on something... not actually being stuck. This would happen if the work is being done on the main thread, which is the same one the interface is run on. Or, a serious lag could occur when an application is having a hard time accessing the file system.

Is your network drive mounted before you launch iTunes? I know that iTunes will automatically attempt to mount a drive, and may appear frozen if the process takes time or is lagging for some reason. If your are not on your local network it may take some time for iTunes to realize that it can't access the media.

Have you tried launching iTunes with no internet access to see how it behaves?

Is iTunes freezing right on launch? Or just when you try to play a track.

Also, I know that album artwork can be retrieved from the cache or from the files themselves. Even if you haven't attempted to play a track yet, loading album artwork could trigger iTunes to attempt to mount the network drive.

I would first make sure the network drive is mounted, then launch iTunes, then wait some time to see if iTunes is truly frozen.

Also, what kind of iMac do you have? What year is it from, or the CPU, RAM, etc.

Thanks again for getting in touch about this issue.

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