Itunes Artwork disappears on Spanned media?

Dan Beaulieu shared this problem 10 years ago

Is there any way to have the artwork for spanned media show up when I'm off the network?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

As far as I know, there's no way to have all artwork show up when files are on an external drive, and the external drive is not connected.

Some album artwork is stored in the actual media files, while other artwork (downloaded from the store, I believe) is stored in a special local iTunes cache, not in the actual files.

The cached artwork can (and will) be loaded in iTunes when the external drive isn't connected, but for the artwork that is stored in the actual files, iTunes has no access to that data when the drive isn't available.

The logical solution would be to get iTunes to download and cache all the artwork rather than relying on the artwork from the files themselves, but I'm not sure if that possible.

You could test be deleting the artwork and then having iTunes retrieve fresh artwork from the store, which should be cached locally. But that is just a guess, and doesn't sound all too easy to automate.

As for Movies and TV Shows, those thumbnail images may always be stored in the files and may not be able to be cached.

Anyway, this is basically just the nature of having files stored on an external drive. Then the drive isn't connected, that data isn't available.

But, there is an issue that artwork doesn't always show up immediately after the drive have been reconnected. I plan on working on an AppleScript that can be run in iTunes to help retrieve artwork for spanned files after the drive has been reconnected.

You can follow this thread for updates on that:

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