iTunes Crashing after locating missing file that is moved to spanned media

Karen Arpag shared this problem 7 years ago
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Hi - I have been using TuneSpan to set up my new laptop. Here is my setup:

1) 1 new macbook pro with flash memory

2) 5 user accounts - one for each member of the family and one administrator (family account)

3) HD is partitioned

4) External 1T drive to hold movies and audiobooks. Music is on the partitioned HD

5) I began by loading all the music - 1 library pointed to the shared partitioned HD, each user account sees the content there.

6) I then added all the downloaded movies we own from iTunes via the following process:

a) In administrer account, "Add to library..."

b) In each of the other 4 accounts, "Add to library..."

c) Return to administer account and use TuneSpan to move movies from the shared partitioned drive to external.

d) Open itunes on each of the other accounts and click on one of the movies.

e) Respond to prompt to "find original file" and navigate to spanned content on external drive.

f) Respond to next iTunes prompt to find other missing files.

g) Done - all movies play on all 5 accounts, all pointing to the spanned content on the external.

This has worked very well. I have done batches of movies and audio books with great success.

Now the problem:

1) I followed the exact process above for my home videos. Everything worked until I got to steps e & f above. After navigating to find the missing file, iTunes quits every time and generates an error report to send to Apple.

2) I have done several tests, restarted my computer, and used disk utility to confirm there weren't any problems.

Any ideas?????


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Thanks for getting in touch. Somehow this slipped past me in the support forums.

But, I see that you also emailed me about this and I got back to you a few days ago.

I haven't heard back yet. There's not much I can do since this is iTunes crashing, and not a TuneSpan issue.

If you send me the iTunes crash reports, I may be able to notice something, but I can't guarantee any solutions.

It may be best to try to contact Apple about the crash.

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