Is it possible to obtain an old version of tunespan which is compatible with itunes 10.6.3?

Inforco shared this question 8 years ago

I have a mac pro with osx 10.5.8

Version of itunes is 10.6.3

Is it possible to have a old version of tunespan that is compatible with these old things?

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You can download the beta version of TuneSpan (vers from

It is old, and basically unsupported, but it's free and can still span media and works all the way back to 10.5 (PPC versions too)... it's just not as nice as the latest version from the Mac App Store, and will never be updated again.

Do reveal the download link, click the "Show TuneSpan Demo/Trial (beta version)" text below the Mac App Store button.


wonderfull, it works perfectly for what I need to do !


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