Is TuneSpan alive?

Jeremy shared this question 6 years ago

Software has not been updated since Oct 22 2015, version on the website is from 2013??

Google authentication is broken on this website.

Just looking to see if TuneSpan is DEAD and worth my time setting and using?

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Thanks for getting in touch. TuneSpan is not dead.

I haven't been pressured to release an update because there hasn't been a pressing need to do so. The current version is still working with the latest iTunes and macOS. But, I there are some little fixes and updates that are definitely overdue.

I continue to pick it up and do some work on it when I have time but things in my life have shifted a lot and I haven't had as much time to focus on TuneSpan as I did before.

TuneSpan will definitely be updated sometime this year though. There are some small UI issues with High Sierra that I don't like and some other updates that are basically done, just need to find the time to do the final touches for a new version.

The super old beta version on the website should probably just be taken down. I had kept it available as a demo version but its way way out of date now. The Mac App Store version is the way to go.

I am concerned about Google Authentication being broken on the website... what are you seeing? I haven't noticed any issues with website myself...


I wanted to post back here to let you know I've just released TuneSpan 1.4 on the Mac App Store to fix some bugs, add a few things, and bring support for macOS 10.14 Mojave :-)

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