iphone sync playlist confused after spanning tracks and syncing phone without external disk

Al Muckart shared this problem 10 years ago

I've found a bug that is TuneSpan related, but probably actually an itunes bug. I use a playlist to control the bits of my 300+ Gig music library that gets synced to my 64G iphone. When I spanned some of the tracks in that playlist to my macbook it looks like itunes got terribly confused when I synced my phone without the big external disk mounted. It looks like itunes completely lost the non-spanned tracks out of that playlist and insisted that there was only 24G of music synced to my phone, not the 41G that's actually in the playlist.

This probably isn't tunespan's fault, but I think it's a gotcha that people might want to be aware of. So far, I've restored everything to my external disk which has made itunes see the correct size of the playlist and now I'm restoring the music back to my phone after first removing it all.

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm so sorry for my delayed response. I'm not sure how I missed this post.

Have you investigated this issue further? I haven't run into this kind of thing before, but I use iTunes Match myself, so I don't need to sync my iPhone manually.

When I last did testing with manual syncing, iTunes wouldn't delete tracks from an iPod or iPhone if the files weren't available (eg. if they were on an unmounted drive). But, something might have changed since then. iTunes used to simply skip syncing stuff that wasn't available. Maybe it would give an alert about it, but the stuff would stay on the iDevice.

Were you having this issue when the external drive was mounted or unmounted, or both?

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