iOS version of NoteAway

Raj Sashital shared this idea 5 years ago

Can you please create an iOS version that will sync with iCloud so notes can be shared between the Mac and iPhone/iPad? This will be most useful.

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Thanks for getting in touch. So sorry for my delayed response, I'm not sure how I missed this post.

An iOS version of NoteAway has always been in my plans, but it has not been something that I have been able to focus on because of time and financial reasons.

I would still like to make it one day but I can't give any deadline or timeline for that.


Hi Pico, just purchased NoteAway and would look forward to when this is released for iOS. Please keep supporting older macOS machines as this is quite rare now. Much appreciated is NoteAway :)

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I'll add my vote for an IOS version. This app is very handy. I'd love to see it available on iPad & iPhone.

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