Initial setup for TuneSpan with media already spanned?

Ryan Yost shared this question 8 years ago

My files are already on two different drives. Movies and TV Shows are in separate folders on a network drive. How do I initially set up TuneSpan to continue what i already been doing manually?

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Thanks for getting in touch. So sorry I didn't get back to you on this sooner.

Is this media you have on separate drives already in iTunes from their current location?

If so, you don't really need to do anything different to start using TuneSpan.

TuneSpan will recognize your media that's already in the other locations, but will not have it marked as "spanned". If you would like to mark it as spanned, you can make a selection in the track list, and right-click to choose the "Force Span" option which will mark the selection as spanned without moving any files. That is just so things are listed correctly in TuneSpan, and makes it easier to use Restore Mode to restore these files to the default iTunes Media folder. Force Spanning is a new feature in TuneSpan 1.1, now available on the Mac App Store (

With TuneSpan, you will be able to leave everything as it is, and be able to quickly and easily move your media around from where it is. Moving new stuff to your externals, etc.

But, you may want to look at the Advanced Folder Organization options in the Advanced TuneSpan Preferences if your folder organization on the externals don't match iTunes exactly, you can do some customizing in the TuneSpan Folder Organization to try to better match the organization you've done manually.

If this media is not already in iTunes, let me know. It's not hard to add media to iTunes while leaving it in place, not making copies of the files at the default iTunes Media folder. You can do that manually. But, TuneSpan makes it easy to move that media around once its already been added to iTunes.

TuneSpan is not made to function with any media files not in the iTunes Library.



I have exactly the problem you mentioned at the end of your note. I have a huge drive of media that is not already in iTunes and I would like to load it without copying everything to the computer hard drive then spanning it back out and then deleting the extra copies. If you can advise how to do this by manual addition without copying, I'd really appreciate it.



You can add media files into iTunes without having them copied into the default iTunes Media folder by changing a setting in the Advanced iTunes Preferences.

In iTunes, open the Preferences (command+,) and select the Advanced pane.

There is a checkbox setting, "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" that should be selected. Uncheck this setting to turn it OFF.

When that setting is off, you can drag-and-drop anything into the iTunes window to add it to your library and the files will not be moved or copied anywhere. iTunes will reference them from where they currently are.

After you have added all your media you can turn that option in the Advanced Preferences back on for normal use.

Once that stuff is in your iTunes Library, it will be available to span with TuneSpan if you choose to move it anywhere else. Like, if you want to move some of it to your internal drive or move some other stuff to where it is or whatever.

Let me know if that makes sense or if you need anymore help.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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