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Tyler Gred shared this idea 8 years ago

NoteAway Idea: Would love the ability to import Taskpaper files. Taskpaper is a ToDo list application by HogBay Software. NvAlt supports import of taskpaper files and that really the only thing keeping me from an all out switch. Taskpaper files have the extension .taskpaper and from what I gather, pretty much .txt files. In the meantime, I'm able to change the taskpaper file to txt and import it into NoteAway. However, it would be easier if I could just drag the taskpaper file into the NoteAway menubar icon and auto import....

Regardless, great software!

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Thanks so much for getting in touch!

I don't use Taskpaper myself, but I'll look into it.

If the .taskpaper file is truly a .txt file, it should be very simple to add it to the list of file types that NoteAway can import.

I'll let you know when I get some time to investigate.

If it is simple, it will definitely make it's way into the next minor update.


I finally got around to doing a bit of work on NoteAway.

I've added .taskpaper file import. It was quite simple since you are correct that the files are just plain text.

This improvement will be available in the next minor NoteAway update, but I can't give a deadline on that release yet.


NoteAway 1.1.5 is now available on the Mac App Store, and among other nice improvements, it supports importing Taskpaper files just like a normal text file.

So sorry for the crazy long delay :-/

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