If you scan some files to a network volume, what happens if you are not connected to the network?

Josh shared this question 7 years ago

I have an MBP with an SSD so space is limited. I currently keep my entire itunes library on a network volume, which is a pain. If i spanned it so some was on drive and some on network volume, what would happen when I was not on the network?

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Thanks for your interest in TuneSpan, and for getting in touch.

If you move your files to a NAS (or any external drive) and that drive isn't available, not much of anything will change in iTunes except that those tracks won't be able to play while the drive isn't available.

If you try to play a track, you'll get that alert from iTunes that the file can't be found. But, if you are just shuffling your library, iTunes should skip unavailable tracks without interruption.

But, of course, the track listings for those unavailable files still exist in iTunes as they did before.

As a side note, I've found that it's best to relaunch iTunes after you mount an external drive that has spanned media on it if iTunes was already running before. This helps ensure that all album artwork loads, and that iTunes doesn't keep assuming that files aren't available if it's detected that they weren't available before.


Thank you.

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