how to move whole media library to external memory card

Jonathan Twaddell shared this question 7 years ago

I'd like to move all my media from my local hd to a flash drive. I'd like to keep playcounts, playlists, etc... intact. What is the best way to handle this? Would this be somethign tunespan could do or is this better achieved in iTunes?

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Well, if you want to move EVERYTHING, then doing it through iTunes may be most convenient.

But, if you want to be selective and be able to have some on your internal drive and some on the external drive (in your case, a memory card), then TuneSpan would be most helpful. iTunes doesn't offer much of any ability to selectively move some media here and have other media there. That's why I created TuneSpan.

TuneSpan will keep playlists, play counts in tact and all.

But, if you want to move all of your media and have all new media added to the external, its pretty easy to do in iTunes. Briefly, you can change the default iTunes Media folder to the external drive, and then consolidate your library (an option in iTunes). I would recommend finding detailed instructions on how to do that somewhere online if your not confident about what I mean there.

Keep in mind, if you moved everything, you would have no media available when the memory card isn't mounted. But, that may be fine for your uses.

Also, you should make sure to reformat your memory card to the standard Mac OS file formatting before putting any data on it. If you are not sure what that means, let me know.

Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for your interest in TuneSpan!

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