How about YouTube videos showing how to use TuneSpan?

rasjad shared this idea 10 years ago
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I just got TuneSpan - it solved my problem - it's an excellent program (I have a large movie collection that I wanted to move to a separate HD). However, it was a bit confusing figuring out how to do it.

How about creating a series of YouTube videos which would shows step-by-step how to use TuineSpan?

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Thank you so much for getting in touch, and thank you for the kind words about TuneSpan.

I agree that some tutorial videos would be fantastic. But, as this is a one man show here, it is hard to find the time to create videos and to know exactly what to show and how to explain it. As the creator of TuneSpan, I find I am sometimes too "close" to the app to know the best way to introduce it to someone who has never used it before. I also have no experience in video production of any level, I feel I would really need some help to make videos that I would be comfortable releasing. I've attempted to make things intuitive in TuneSpan, but it's clearly not as good as it should be.

Also, TuneSpan is an ongoing project, I have other plans for big changes and features in TuneSpan and along the way I will hopefully make things more clear in the interface. At this point, I do not want to invest a lot of time in some videos whose information may quickly become outdated with future changes in TuneSpan.

But, at some point down the road, I definitely want to have some tutorial videos and brief overviews. If all goes well, I can hire some nice and clever people to help me create clear and engaging videos.

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