How do I merge two "span destination folders"

Jay Batson shared this question 7 years ago

Hi -

In one session, I spanned tunes from my laptop drive to an external drive. They ended up in drivename/Spanned Media/Music/...

Later, I did another spanning session, and tunes ended up in drivename/Music/...

I'd like to "merge" the latter into the former. Can you provide step-by-step for this, please?

FYI, I think this MAY have happened because immediately before the second spanning session, I opened TuneSpan when the external drive was NOT attached. In doing so, TuneSpan seemed to forget about the metadata of the external drive. I later re-launched TuneSpan when the external drive was attached, then performed the span. I think in the first spanning session, I specified the subdirectory "Spanned Media", and TuneSpan didn't remember that in the second session. One wrinkle: This external drive "failed", and I had to pay for a recovery, which involved pulling all old data off of the failed drive, and putting it on a new drive of the exact same name / type (including volume name).

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Thanks for getting in touch.

Firstly, merging two Span Locations is very simple and straight forward. Just span from one location to the other just like you spanned them the first time. Just make sure you have your correct desires Span Location set. You can re-span files as many times as you desire.

But, the fact that the drive has changed poses a different issue, even if the drive has exactly the same name as before the system knows it's a different drive and the files may not be found correctly by iTunes and/or TuneSpan.

To solve that (if files aren't playable in iTunes or are showing up as missing in TuneSpan), you just need to re-span the files to the Span Location that you know they exist at. When doing that, TuneSpan will see that the file is at the intended Span Location and update the locations in iTunes to get things synced back up.

Hope that helps :-) Please let me know if you have any question or run into an issue.


Thanks, Pico.

When I drag the destination folder (where I spanned the first time) onto the Span Location, I get a warning dialog: "It's not recommended to span within a previously-used Span Location."

Am I missing something?

(RE: Drive change, the way the drive was "recovered" means iOS / iTunes, and apparently TuneSpan, all see it as the same drive as before. iTunes can see all the previous-spanned music just fine.



Sorry for my delayed response, things got busy.

You're getting that alert because TuneSpan has detected that you previously spanned directly to the root of the drive. It's normally not recommended to span inside an already used Span Location, but in this case I think it's safe to ignore that message and choose to use the span location anyway.


That did the trick. Thanks!

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