From spanned to partially spanned but the music is on the other drive where it should be..

Steve Lopes shared this problem 9 years ago

TuneSpan correctly spanned all 39k songs of my collection to an external hard drive plugged into my TimeCapsule. I had not ran TuneSpan in awhile and after loading it tonight I got the spinning beach ball, the program became unresponsive, and had to force quit several times the last time the beach ball of death was up for about 2 minutes after the program loaded everything and then finally it disappeared and a message displayed saying that about 20k of my songs are only partially spanned. That cannot be possible, so I went into iTunes, searched a few of those supposed partially spanned songs and they play in iTunes with no problem. I am in TuneSpan now and able to navigate and do things but it still says I have partially spanned songs. I answered no to the offer to complete the spanning process because it completed fine when I originally spanned it all a few months back.. Any ideas?

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Thanks so much for getting in touch. So sorry you've run into an issue.

If things are still playing correctly in iTunes, this may just be a display issue.

"Partially Spanned" means that the files are in their spanned location, but that iTunes doesn't know the proper location and is still looking for the files in their original location. If the files play in iTunes, that they are not partially spanned.

My first thought would be that your XML iTunes Library that TuneSpan reads is not getting updated for some reason, or TuneSpan is reading an old duplicate copy of it.

This XML iTunes Library file should be in your iTunes Library location, which by default is at "~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml" (~ is your home folder).

The file may also be called "iTunes Music Library.xml"

My suggestion would be to trash the XML file in that folder, if you see multiple XML files, trash all of them. But, be absolutely sure not to move any other files in that folder. The "iTunes Library.itl" file is your true iTunes Library that iTunes reads, if that get removed, your library info will be gone. Again, be sure to only touch the XML file.

So, quit iTunes and TuneSpan, and then locate this XML file and move it to the trash.

Then, launch up iTunes and play a track, or Get Info on a track. This should provoke iTunes to create a fresh copy of the XML file. Quitting iTunes may help initiate the XML file to be created.

So, after you see a new XML file in your iTunes Library folder, launch back up TuneSpan and see what it says.

Hopefully it will not warn you about the partially spanned tracks again.

But, if it is saying that your tracks are partially spanned, then that means that iTunes did create a new XML file with locations pointing to a different location then you've spanned them to.

Let me know if TuneSpan still says that your tracks are partially spanned and I can help you move forward from that point.

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