Free version worked great, went ahead and purchased it and now it crashes!

Jimmy Dean shared this problem 11 years ago

Moved from the free version to the latest paid version and well... TuneSpan now crashes every time I try to span from my iMac to my networked drive. This is all the same setup that worked under the free version. I'm now out $15 and the product works worse then the free version. Where do I start to fix this?

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I'm so sorry to hear that.

Does the crash occur right when the span starts? Or midway through?

I have an update waiting for review with apple that I hope all be out soon, and may fix this issue.

Again, I'm so sorry you've encountered an issue with TuneSpan.

I'm out of the house now, but I will get back to you when I can better help you with this.

Please don't consider yourself out $15. I'm here to help, and we'll figure this out and I'll fix any bugs necessary if they haven't already been fixed in the upcoming version.


Love the product, hence why I purchased it.

It crashes at the start of the Span.

Appreciate the quick response, I impressed to say the least.


So, since the crash is happening at the start of the span (before any files are copied or locations are updated, correct?), I believe this is a sneaky bug that I've been wrestling with since I transitioned from Garbaged Collection (used in the beta version) to the newer, better Automatic Reference Counting (used in 1.0+ on the Mac App Store). These are just different kinds of memory management, nothing you need to worry about.

Anyway, this has been a tricky little bug that only happened very occasional for me, so it has been hard to track down and fix for sure. I made some changes that I thought helped solve the bug in 1.0.3, but it seems to still happen. I've made more changes in 1.0.4 to fix this bug, and I really hope that it will be solved once and for all. TuneSpan 1.0.4 is waiting for review with Apple, and I hope that it will be out relatively soon, but its in Apple's hands now.

If this is the same bug you're experiencing, it shouldn't happen consistently. You could keep trying to do the span over and over after TuneSpan relaunches into Crash Recovery Mode, and it should work some time. It could help to make sure that no filters are selected, no playlist, no media type, etc.

If you don't mind, I would also like to take a look a the crash report to make sure this is the same bug and not something else. The crash reports are saved automatically in your user library folder. In 10.7+, Apple has hidden the user library folder, but you can open it in the Finder "Go" menu in the menubar. Open the Go menu and hold down the Option key. With the Option key held, you'll see "Library" come up, select it to open your user library folder.

Within the Library folder, open the "Logs" folder, then "DiagnosticReports". This folder contains all the crash reports for all apps. You can view this folder in list view and sort by date created or name for find crash reports that begin with "TuneSpan_".

If you wouldn't mind emailing me any and all TuneSpan crash reports you have in there, that would help me make sure this is the bug that I hope is fixed in the upcoming version, or find out if it's something else that I need to solve. You can email me at "pico (at)" or use any of the Contact Developer links in TuneSpan, there's one in the Help menu or About window.

Thank you again for getting in touch, and I'm so sorry you're experiencing this issue with TuneSpan.

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