External drive failure - nonrecoverable

Dave shared this question 9 years ago

My external drv completely failed - non recoverable. All of my movies and tv shows where spanned to it, I now have to redownload from iTunes. How do I get rid of the failed drive with a big ? mark next to it tune span and set up and use my new external drive. Thank you

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So sorry to hear you lost you drive :-( I know how that goes.

TuneSpan reflects what whatever is in iTunes. So, things would need to be changed there.

If you're re-downloading files to the existing track references in iTunes, then it should be updated in TuneSpan as you go whenever you relaunch or reload. If you're re-adding new tracks to iTunes without deleting the old track references, they will need to be deleted in iTunes.

Either way, TuneSpan can actually be useful to monitor your progress in iTunes. Once you don't see any references to the old locations in TuneSpan, then things are good in iTunes.

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