Error 513: TuneSpan fails on transfer

MindfulMBA shared this question 9 years ago

I apologize in advance for the redundancy. I emailed this support request to you as well.

I purchased your software a few days ago and was able to successfully transfer about 16 GBs of media from iTunes to my external hard drive.

Today I'm trying to transfer 3 more media files and I get the following error:

"File could not be copied to "Public", an error (code 513) occurred. Contact for help. Failure reason: TuneSpan may need file access. You don't have permission.

Any ideas?



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Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry you ran into an issue.

You can reset the TuneSpan file access which should fix this issue.

To reset file access, hold down Control and Command as TuneSpan loads. So you can hold those keys on launch, or after TuneSpan is loaded, hold them as you select Reload TuneSpan from the File menu.

When the file access is reset, you’ll see the puff of smoke cursor and then TuneSpan will ask for fresh file access on your next span.

Please let me know if the issue isn’t fixed after you’ve reset file access.

Also, I'm sorry you have to resort to getting in touch, and resetting file access. I hope to have this 513 error solved once and for all in the next minor update to TuneSpan.


This is a problem for me. The program is useless if it arbitrarily decides what it will or won't "span." I tried the control command option and did not see a puff of smoke.


Thanks for getting in touch. There is now a menu to manage file access in TuneSpan.

After TuneSpan is loaded, go into the TuneSpan menu in the menubar, and then into the File Access submenu. In this menu you should see items for each location that TuneSpan has been granted access to. Within this menu, each location has it's own submenu where you can see the file access read/write status and remove access selectively instead of needing to clear all file access, but you'll see there is still a menuitem to clear all file access.

I'd recommend removing access to both your source and destination locations in the list, and then reattempt the span. TuneSpan should request fresh access to both locations on the next span attempt.

If you continue to run into issue after you've reattempted the span with fresh file access, please grab a screenshot of the Span Results and post it here or email me directly so that we can dig deeper into this issue to figure out what's going on.

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