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Carol Fowler shared this question 11 years ago

My iTunes Library file is located in the usual Users/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl spot, but my media files are all located on an external hard drive (which is about to run out of space). When I open TuneSpan, it's empty, with none of my playlists, etc. showing up. How should I proceed?

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TuneSpan reads the "iTunes Library.xml" or "iTunes Music Library.xml" file which should be in the same location as the "iTunes Library.itl" file.

That file should be automatically kept up-to-date with your library contents by iTunes.

Can you send me your "iTunes Library.xml" file so that I can take a look and make sure it has contents, and if it does, figure out why TuneSpan is not loading it properly?

You can email it to me via the "Contact Developer" option in TuneSpan's Help menu or About Window. Just trying to avoid spam, so I don't want to put my email address on here if I don't have to. I hope you understand and I hope it's not inconvenient for you to just use the email links in TuneSpan.

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