Duplicating a TuneSpan library on two SSD drives

Fred Kooker shared this question 7 years ago

Just curious, (TuneSpan is GREAT!) I have my movies and TV series "spanned" to a 256GB external. Just for safety's sake, can I also "duplicate" that TuneSpan library to another 2 TB SSD external?


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You can of course back your stuff up to any other drive. But, this isn't something you can do through TuneSpan. You would just need to backup your external drive just as you would your internal drive.

If you use Time Machine, it can back up your externals for you as well, as long as your backup drive isn't your span drive :-) You just need to make sure your external drive is NOT in Time Machines EXCLUDE list in the Time Machine Options.

But, if you're your wanting this duplication to be a "live" access thing, that's a whole different beast that TuneSpan nor iTunes were made to handle.

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