Downloading iTunes content before spanning?

George Pangis shared this question 8 years ago

I think I will know the answer to this question but wanted to ask before spanning or duplicating efforts.

I have a whole lot of movies/tv shows I have purchased on iTunes or obtained digital copies of from physical purchases that I have not yet downloaded into my iTunes library due to lack of internal HD space (thus, each of the movies or tv shows has artwork available in My Movies and My TV Shows, but with the little cloud in the lower right corner indicating it is not localized yet). I bought a Drobo which will be able to store all of the media and would like to place the movies and tv shows onto the Drobo but have it spanned through iTunes so I can centrally access it through iTunes.

My question is this: do I need to download all of the movies/tv shows locally before spanning to the Drobo or can I simply span the Movies and TV Show folders to the Drobo (along with the currently downloaded media in those folders) and THEN have then download directly onto the Drobo. Essentially would future purchases and downloads be spanned directly onto the Drobo or will I have to download them and then individually span them to the external drive? As I am likely dealing with a terabyte of content, I would really like to only have to do this once. Hence, asking before I do anything. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry to say that all the content would be downloaded locally. TuneSpan cannot modify iTunes behavior, it can only move files around after they've been added to the library normally through iTunes. And, iTunes will always download new files to the default iTunes Media folder.

One solution could be to change your default iTunes Media folder to your Spanned Media folder on the Drobo when you download new videos. But, that would apply to all media. It's not possible to point new Music to a local media folder and new Movies to an external one, for example. But it could be a workable solution, and then you can just change your iTunes Media folder back to the default local location after you've downloaded all your videos.

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